Reborn … to die

Drowned; Intoxicated; Fallen; Breathless;
I’ve died every possible death
drowned in those dark eyes,
intoxicated by tender words of romance,
fell from height; to be in your arms,
breathless cause of the deep kiss…
Reborn every time; but can’t escape;
The memories still kill me … every minute!!
Causing pain that was pleasure before;
This time let death consume me to the fullest,
And leave not behind even trace of ash,
Cause the gentle breeze that blows
Will bring me back to life … to you …..


All of us at some point in time definitely have an attraction for an object. We have a special liking for it because of a lot of reasons; may be merely for its utility value, for its aesthetic appeal or some sentimental attachment. Especially in the last category, females are generally supposed to be the ones who have that, being the more emotional of the sexes!!(?). But there is something that connects a man too to some of these objects. And if I would ask someone to take a guess I am sure they will get it right…. Yes, it’s the impeccable world of machines!!
There are so many things through which this connection is established like right from their toys, gadgets etc. But these are pretty common and there is nothing special about it. There is one thing more important than that…. that which all boys will definitely have at some time or the other. (I actually don’t know if it lasts forever??); it’s the love for their “automobile”.
My dad doesn’t own any vehicle so my first encounter where I got to know of this “bonding” was through a tamil movie called ‘Pollavathan’; in which the hero goes crazy when he realizes that his bike is lost cause he loses his job and his girl as well. And the entire story revolves around how he retrieves his bike back from the villains. The movie was a resounding success; to honestly give my opinion I hated it completely. But I should appreciate the novel idea of those corporate giants because the whole movie was like an extended commercial to promote the bike.
Later on I got to explore more on this relationship when I moved into the hostel for my PG. I was amazed to see the kind of connect that was present. The guys did not see them as mere machines but like their favorite pet or something. I have seen so many of them cleaning their bike/car ardently with so much care and ‘love’ (I am sure their girlfriends would get jealous if they would have seen that :-P) But there is more to it. They would feel so heartbroken at the slightest scratch on the body of the vehicle. In case of an accident they would spend much more on the repairs for the bike than on their own wounds. They keep names for their bikes and even celebrate birthdays too!! I don’t know how much of a surprise all this is to you (for girls) but it definitely was for me.
And the more time I spent roaming around with many guys on their bikes I got to share these feelings too. But the maximum I got to spend was on my brother’s Thunderbird, not just while riding along but even just sitting on it and chatting for hours together. After college was over i dint quite miss anything much except for those wonder rides may be. Whenever I go out on the roads now and I hear its unique sound I turn around quickly to spot the bird flying away royally. The mere sight of it brings a smile on my face always. I felt the emotional connect too and I have realized it now. Ahhh the man and his love for machines ….. its incredible!!


PS – @Bhayya – if you ever read it, this is dedicated to bhabhi ;)

A Fortnight of Flight

Spreading wings like the albatross,
soaring up in the sky;
Not heeding the words of the cross,
I had began to fly.

Boundaries had ceased to exist,
speeding up as i flew;
Clearing the spaces covered in mist,
aided by the strong winds that blew.

Singing aloud a merry song,
despite trouble brewing ahead;
What if this doesn't last long,
just like what few had said.

Dark clouds came looming around me
lightning struck in the night;
As i feared, so it was to be
the end was nearing in sight.

Number of days that I could last,
count was not that i cared:
merely 14! to be exact,
bitter sweet memories remains to be shared.


Pursuit of Happ'Y'ness

As you might have guessed reading the title it is definitely related to the movie. But this is not a review but i might say, may be it inspired me to think about it and write this one ...
I saw the movie only a month ago (ya of course its such a big blunder i hadn't seen it before)and it moved me to tears. Truly it is one of the best movies i have ever seen. I loved the movie because they did not tell exactly what was that made one happy but they just showed you everything about life and let one draw their own interpretations. It raised some fundamental questions in my mind. If you are in pursuit of something you must know what it is that you are looking for exactly!! and why are you searching that ... did you lose it? did you ever have it to lose it??

Happiness is merely a state of mind, i am sure all of us know this, but how do you define it? What exactly are the characteristics of it? what are you supposed to do to get all of it? Is it a thing by itself or is it just an absence of nothing that worries you? One may be tempted to answer NO to that last question but think again.
Try to remember one moment in your life when you thought you were really happy. Just for a common example let me take a birthday party i had with my friends(the only one i ever had and so it was really special). So if i try to recreate that moment with all the elements that made it special and just add one tiny negative aspect to it... suppose on that day my mom or dad was sick or they had an argument so severe that i was really upset (i am delebrately adding a thing that isn't affecting me directly), so obviously i wouldn't have been able to enjoy much. So despite all the positive things which were present on that day which made me happy, i think it may be the absence of the negative things that actually mattered most!

So what is this pursuit leading us to?? Without even knowing what really makes us happy how are we going to succeed?? .......


PS :- I may be wrong to conclude like this. But i have reason to believe this is definitely true atleast with the way things are going on in my life right now!!


Grazing through the sea of faces
my eyes don't stop the search
until they rest upon yours.

Drowning in your dark pupils
blissful warmth surrounds
for the split second that our eyes meet.

Tingling sensations in every part
as i sway with the breeze
that ruffles through your hair.

Oh! my dearest love ...
I am wandering about aimlessly
looking out for myself
'cause i am lost .. lost in you !!