LOVE ......

This one word captures the essence in every relationship . This is one emotion or feeling which is more powerful than all positive emotions and is it so strong that it can overcome any negative feelings in your heart . It doesn't even have to be mutual ... And that's the whole beauty of it !!!

when a person you love may do things you don't like... may not care the same way as you do for them... may hate you, but you still have the same affection for them , and that's when you have true love for them...
And that's why its the purest of all emotions...the way to GOD !!

Only the person who is so true at heart can experience the joy and happiness when being in love . U know why they say - I "fell" in love....because when in love you may go down to actually hold the person you love, high up ...
But it is more than just sacrifice. It is embedded in every aspect of life.

Love is not a part of life... Love is life


i am possessive

Some time recently i happened to have an argument with a friend that, i am being possessive... i was trying to justify my point .. and while thinking about it i happened to remember a poem which i had written some time back... though it doesn't relate much to the incident now....

This is dedicated to one of my most lovely friends that i have ever had !!

Pushing through the portals I came
Overlooking the countless stream of people
Searching for that one face,
Sinking into my heavy heart.
Enthralled by your endless talks and tales,
Seems like you were a gift.
Spiraling thoughts surround me
Imagining the life without you;
Venting my feelings I disclose
Engraved upon me is your memory…

Yes!!! I ‘m possessive of you…


Ignorance is Bliss !!!

Some time back i read about solitude being bliss ... so i just tried it out and i kinda really enjoyed that ... sitting all alone in the midst of nature... worrying about nothing in life...and only during that time i got this thought also in my mind..

you always would be better off not knowing about somethings in i talking of all the bad things that happen to us ?? people who are more into philosophy (like me!!) would say that life is both sweet and bitter.. and it has to be that way for it to be balanced...I completely agree with that...then you must be wondering what am i talking about ???

it is just about that ... in some relationships you care so much about some one and you think they do the same about you ... you keep thinking about them all the time,wondering they would about you too.. you are there in a place enjoying their company thinking that they also do !!

But when reality strikes it is pretty hard...all the things what you thought are just assumptions and truth is something different!!! its like you were not a part of their life.. you have always been around where you were never wanted ...and when you come to know of it all your emotions just shatters and rips you apart !!

And thats when you realise that ... wouldnt it have been much better to live with those lies.. to live in that false world with all your assumptions which atleast made you happy...

Truly... Ignorance is Bliss !!!!