A new world !!

Some time recently i read a beautiful quote : " Every friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive."

It is just a simple one line, but the when the depth of the meaning sunk into me....i was just awestruck !!! How true is this !!
i am one person who really values friendship in my life...i have always had such a great place for all my friends.. very close to my heart...perhaps sometimes even above my family...

This is one relationship that is truly wonderful!!! Someone whom you have not met for your 20 years of life... have been with for just a few months... but is still willing to do anything for you just to help you... How amazing is it !!!
But unfortunately some people don't realize the depth and importance of such strong relationships !!!

Whatever it may be...I always truly keep each and everyone of my friend at such heights of love and affection!!! After all... through each one of them i have been able to discover that part of me which has been lying hidden within myself!!!

I am thankful to each one of my friends i have had till now and to the ones who are yet to come....for enjoying and relishing this delightful journey of discovery along with me....

laksh :)

revelations .... realisations what shall i call it !!??

i am a person who has always done in life whatever i wanted. I have been a true "taurian" in every aspect ... stubborn and determined about what i want and i always end up getting it too.

I always thought i was a considerate person too. But it turned out that i may not be. My philosophy in life has been that "never do anything to a person which you wouldnt want it to be done to you." So i have always been someone who cared for the feelings of others, because i expect that people care for mine too. I never intend to hurt anyone's feelings, because i wouldnt be able to bear when someone does it to me.

Some people have made me understand that this is easier said than done.....
I have my own doubts about my philosophy now….
No it could not be wrong. I think it just will not work here, at least not now…

May be it is time to adopt a new one...

welcoming suggestions for the same !!!

laksh :)

my 1st one !!!

I welcome myself into this huge world of blogging .....

initially i always used to think it is such a waste of time to spend so much time on writing these stupid blogs...but only when i read one of my friends blogs, did i take a serious note of it.... and i had in my mind for quite a long time now to start one of my own !!!! But i was thinking something worthwhile which should be the 1st one.... something that will reflect me truly.... and that’s how i narrowed down to my experiences at work....

There are some important aspects of life that I have learned and thought about in the 6 months that I spent on my own. As I hardly got any sort of help, other than few comforting words from some friends, I was left alone to face the cruelties that life had brought upon me. I had to put up with new environment, global exposure, and the (looking friendly but acting otherwise) work atmosphere. Added to these pressures was the unexpected turn around of usually trustworthy friend. It might have been that I could have just been imagining all these or it might be just my take on things that are perfectly normal for others. But I don’t want to be cribbing about any of these things now. I sat down to pen my thoughts on a few positive lessons that I have learnt from these times of my life. And here they are…

Live your life; Love your life

This time that god has given us on earth must have some meaning to it. There is no use spending that in hating it. So one must never ever say things like, I do not wish to live in this world. Every moment that one gets to live is a precious time and it is to be loved and lived to its fullest extent, be it a joyous or a sad one.

Don’t draw your boundaries

There are limitless opportunities that life presents to you for one to take them up and achieve great things. But often one tends to avoid or ignore many of them because of the artificial boundaries that we tend to draw around us in the guise of family and society. We must learn to shed these inhibitions and stretch our wings to go higher into the skies for that eternal glory.

Hit the right balance

There are some people I have seen who tend to take life very light and easy. They like to always have fun and be happy. But they remain happy for a few short lived moments and go crumbling down at even the smallest difficulty that they face in life. This is because they never realize the true happiness one can get, the one which fills your heart and is ever lasting. Such people need to have the right balance in approach to life.

Grow up!!! Grow up!!!

The childish innocence is a good virtue but which needs to be shed at times when the virtue of maturity comes calling. It is important to look at the negative things around you in a more composed manner rather than crying at the instance of any mishap.This can help face the situation better and improve one’s personality.

Now it is not that i follow these myself in my own life... I m still trying to change !!!

I guess this is enough for now... will be back for more!!!

Laksh :)